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My 1st Trek Story!

Lush green landscapes, rocky mountains, gushing river, and snow-capped peaks – all in one frame – a truly awesome view to cherish; my experience during the Gaumukh Tapovan trek last week.

5 days of disconnect from – messages, phone calls, spams, linkedin, instagram, and everything the 5 inch device can offer – was relaxing and also a re-assurance that Yes, people can live without it as well”. All I had was a group of 15 excited and motivated people

with a common objective to test their limits, do something out of their daily routine and reach the magnificent plain land overlooked by Mt. Shivling and the Himalayan range.

At the start of journey I knew only 3 of them. Before the journey ended, all 15 of us was as one close-knit family. It was a stark realization that our busy workdays, numerous tasks and distractions have made us aloof from a lot of interesting people around us. We don’t have time to talk our hearts out, and at times, actually have to “pay” a specialist to listen to us!

After a point across Gaumukh, there was no trail. It was all rocks and boulders with a steep climb ahead. While I stood there, I felt so insignificant and yet so important at the same time. Insignificant because I was hardly reaching the height of a slightly big rock, which is just one small piece among billions across the world or zillions in the universe. Important because at the moment I was one of the 15 members who were looking out for each other and moving ahead with combined confidence. Plus, with no communication, my family back at home was certainly feeling the void.

For a moment I asked myself “Was it the right decision to be here”. It was because of the 15 friends, each determined to move ahead, we got strength from one another; pushing, panting, sharing small talks, and following the experienced trek guides, & we overcame our fears, surpassed our own limits, and reached the destination – Tapovan!

Oh, it felt like an achievement like never before.

While passing through narrow trails, and rock fall zones, I felt the essence of life – uncertainty and its acceptance. One statement from a lady in the group kept ringing in my head. She said – “I have no regrets here because If I die, I will die with a view”. And that was absolutely right then. No regrets! The meandering paths along the mountains, sunny days with cold winds, sub-zero temperature nights with a million stars above – a heavenly feeling it was.

Nevertheless, it was the first of many to come. For me it was not just a trek, but a learning path, a lot of which is inexplicable!

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