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Colour Man Colour Man which colour do you Choose?

I have often come across friends, colleagues and other people on Quora worried about their career direction. It is good to see that they are ambitious and wish to have a road-map. They have questions such as – “What is the scope of a certain role”, “What would be the demand of a certain technology”, “Should I work on a technology x or a technology y. Which will give me more options and scope” – and similar questions. I do not say that these are wrong to think or ask, but these should not be the deciding factor either.

So, the question is – What to do? Well, my approach is this – Instead of worrying about the scope from the beginning I would rather ask myself, “Do I really want to do it?” or “Am I interested in a certain kind of job or role?” Of course, it is often not very simple to figure out, but it is not impossible too.

One way would be to introspect and think that if all career options have similar benefits and progression potential, would you still want to do a certain kind of job. If the answer is YES, this is it! You have found what really matters to you. I say, Go for it!

If the answer is NO, and you are still confused among a few options, it is good news 😊 – you have already reduced the set of options from ALL to a FEW. Apply the same process as before and you would find the right kind of role.

But it is easier said than done. My point is that first we must at-least try to find out our interest areas. Some would argue that it is not possible unless you actually go through the experience. And it is true. Practical experience does matter. So, in such cases, a good approach would be to select the best option closest to what seems to be your interest and try for some time. I am sure that after two or three trials in different roles and jobs there will be clarity. Then comes the question of scope that will actually help in planning the road ahead.

Please understand that we can get hired easily for what we can do, but our priority should be to find what we want to do. You would also resonate with me on this point that the latter is a bliss.

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