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How good were the childhood days!

Unending joy and revelry; I know it cannot return; It’s still engraved in memories; To smile sometimes in a life so stern. On this "Children's Day", here is a short piece and an effort to bring smiles to my fellow readers...

I stepped into this world with eyes closed,

In my mother’s arms I laid,

Not complaining of the pains she endured,

She gave me all love and care.

Of her body was I a part,

She kept me close more than her heart,

My every unspoken word she understood,

When I merely can stand on my foot.

She loved me, taught me and scolded me,

And did all she can do,

To acquaint me with false and true,

As days passed by and I grew.

My mind, she moulded in a beautiful way,

From her I learned how to pray,

She instilled in me the strength,

To go to school and away from her stay.

There I met many creatures alike,

Some were happy but many cried;

With parents gone, they seemed like,

Small soldiers left alone to fight.

The teacher struggled to be stern,

But we were not in a mood to learn;

We were so many and he only one,

It seemed a battle we had won.

There first, I learned the virtues of life,

Unity, friendship and to strive;

Which many a cruel people envy,

And to break, the devils try.

With nothing to worry or to fear,

Life meant only happiness and cheer;

As days passed by and every hour,

From a bud I grew into a flower.

The truth of world I realised,

Which earlier I thought was simple and nice,

Here misery and sorrow also breed,

Which are because of people’s greed.

The visible is not what really it is,

Reality is hidden indeed,

With growing age our job it is,

To differ between the good and cheat.

At every step with hindrance new,

In a crowd with opportunities few,

We have to struggle and strive,

In this cruel world to thrive.

Tired of this, sometimes I think,

How good were the childhood days!

Which now seems, passed in a blink,

And time running fast, hard to chase.

Unending joy and revelry,

I know it cannot return,

It’s still engraved in memories,

To smile sometimes in a life so stern.

Wish you all a Happy Children's Day - to the kids around you and to the kid within you!

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