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Those were the Best Days of my Life

Occasionally, when we give time to ourselves and cherish past moments, this most certainly crosses our thoughts - College Days, one of the best times. Here is a short piece to travel down memory lane

Lying in bed one night,

Something came to my sight,

It was nothing to leave me aghast,

Just a remembrance of the past.

That moment I realized,

A precious part of life has passed,

Of love & joy and quarrels & fights,

With fools like me known as pals.

Who had no reasons for endless chats,

Tall & short and lean & fats,

Human diversity reflected in a class,

United in bunking the class.

Moving from benches front to back,

Transition of minds from books to cards,

Learners, players and artists we had,

To share their worthy time with the squad.

Minutes hours and days,

Passed with an unending chase,

To excel in grades,

Without a moment to waste.

Everytime a resolution new,

To study hard which lasted a days few,

On exam eve with energy high,

Study as if to do or die.

Ten days went like years,

Eyes stuck to books which were never so dear,

In the end a sigh of relief,

What we did we couldn’t believe.

Classes, canteen, movies and vacations,

Every place has a narration,

Of young brains becoming polished (wo)men,

Those years prepared us for the life’s game.

Delight or sorrow, good or bad,

Memories in heart deeply engraved,

No matter you become grand mom or dad,

Will remember the best college days we had…

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